Orlando Lease-Purchase

Orlando Rent to Own , Orlando Lease Purchase , Orlando Rental Homes with Option to Buy are not the same but all have many advantages to Orlando Home Buyers.

Advantages For Buyers
Lease-option benefits are not one-sided. Advantages for buyers include:

  • Small Amount of Up-Front Cash Required
    The amount of up-front cash required to acquire a home or other property on a lease-option is usually small, often just a few thousand dollars for the first month’s rent plus non-refundable option consideration. This option money is in lieu of a security deposit.
  • Monthly Rent Credit Builds a Down Payment
    The unique characteristic of a lease-option is the rent credit toward the buyer’s down payment. Typically, the rent credit is 10 to 100 percent of the monthly rent, depending on how motivated the seller is to sell. The higher the rent credit percentage, the greater the probability the tenant will buy.
  • Try Out the Property Before Buying
    Another special lease-option benefit for the tenant is the ability to try out the property before buying. If it is undesirable, the tenant hasn’t tied up a large amount of cash in a home that might be difficult to resell.
  • Control Property With Very Little Cash
    The ability to control a property and profit from its market value appreciation with very little cash is called leverage. Lease-option buyers have this unique advantage.
  • Longer Terms Mean Greater Profitability
    Although most residence lease-options are for short terms, such as one or two years, smart investors seek lease-options with the longest possible term. They reason the property is likely to appreciate in market value over the long term.