Odors the #1 Deal Killer of Sales

Odors are the number one deal killer, yet they are often ignored by sellers. Costing them thousands of dollars, because the potential buyers are turned off. Their desire for the house is limited or they are so much turned off that they have no interest. Agents will tell you that some buyers will not even walk through a home with cigarette or pet odors. They leave and go to the next house.

Homes with odors need to do every thing they can do to eliminate these odors.

�         Have the carpets, drapes and upholstery furniture professionally cleaned.

�         Do not allow smoking in the home once the decision to sell is made.

�         No cooking in the kitchen that produce negative cooking odors – fish, etc.
�         Musty odors should be aired out and eliminated, fresh paint smells aired out; refrigerator smells -put a box of Armor Hammer baking soda in the back of it.

Spot and Fluffy may be costing you Thousands

Many buyers area allergic to pets or afraid of them. To you they are like family members and loved as much as one. However, you need a plan on how to handle the issue of your pets.

Guard dogs should be closely monitored and not around when the home is being shown. They are a legal liability if they bite someone or cause a injury in some way. Often small children assume they are friendly and end getting bit.

Open houses – try to make arrangements for the pets to go to the neighbors or on a little trip. Barking or sniffing dogs can annoy a buyer or distract them. Then they miss the great features of your house.

Cats. People who have allergies may leave your home without ever touring it. Others worry about odors and cat hair. Neither are a positive when showing your home.