Discounted Homes of Central Florida

Looking for a discounted homes in Central Florida is easy to find. You will not find these homes on newspaper ad but only thru the MLS database. MLS database website can only be accessed by a licensed real estate professional. Discounted Homes can be found under price changes tab of that website. Price changes result when sellers agree to discount their selling price for lots of reason. Discounts can vary from 5% up to 30% of the actual value. When price changes occur in a very short period of time , this could mean that seller is not capable of paying mortgage and can foreclose a home. Example: Mr Jones listed his home for $250,000 in January of 2007 and change it’s price to $235,000 within the same month of January 2007. What do you think he would do the next month? Sellers who discount their homes quickly in time is really an example of a TRUE pre-foreclosure.

Discounted Homes can also be homes that are inventories. Builders want  to get rid of these new homes out of their inventories in order for them to move on to their next phase of constructions or simply just to break-even. Professional agents who work for these builders will email inventories to realtors on their mailing database but not to all realtors. Only to professional realtors who know what they are doing.