About Me

� Founder-President and CEO of Cjoven Investment, Inc. an Incorporated real estate business that buys and sells investment properties for profit, since 2004

� Founder-President and CEO of Teamwork Rehab Services, Inc., Orlando, Florida since 1999

� Licensed Physical Therapist from 1991-present

� Licensed Realtor

� Graduate with a Master of Business Administration Degree, Stetson University, Celebration, FL 2005

� Graduate of Southwestern University, Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy, 1990

� Affiliated with the American Physical Therapy Association, Florida Physical Therapy Association and a certified member of Women’s Business Enterprise.

� Member National Associaton of Realtor, Florida Association of Realtor, Member of Osceola County Association of Realtor.

FINANCIAL COACH: Providing Confidence and Financial Success For Friends and Family
Friends and Family consulted with Carlota because of her business experience and own success in real estate investing since 1999. They became confident, successful buyers because she provided the facts so they could make informed decisions. They became comfortable investing as she geared her personalized advice toward maximizing their financial situations and maintaining their lifestyles. With the broad perspective that her MBA and business background give her and an ability to explain financial concepts simply, Carlota discovered that her talent for helping friends and her passion for business could be shared with others.

ENTREPRENEUR FIRST: Scope of Expertise
With two lucrative businesses of her own, Carlota is an entrepreneur with a vision for what is possible. Carlota single-handedly launched a healthcare company with business and marketing plans, produced comprehensive financial statements for review by lenders and financial reports to monitor progress. In addition, she provided her staff with the opportunity for business partnership after educating them on the financial implications and has provided consultation services to licensed therapists to start and grow their own practices.

A BUSINESS ADVISOR: Build Your Real Estate Portfolio or Simply Buy a Home
With a passion for financial planning consulting, Carlota prides herself in educating and guiding real estate investors. By explaining finances in clear and plain language, her clients come to trust her business knowledge – like her friends and family did. For those beginning their financial planning, her business savvy can guide them. She has been there too. Her background as a physical therapist tells you that she is a person who is sensitive and cares about others. She encourages buyers to enter into this real estate arena with clarity and focus, to know where and how they are going to pay for their investment, leverage their equity, confident that money spent is appropriate to their goals and risk tolerance. She presents the possibilities available to them, such as rental income opportunities and the implications of interest rates, taxation, credit rating and all other aspects of real estate investing. Carlota wants investors to be realistic, comfortable, confident, informed, and able to maintain their current lifestyles without strain. This is not a short-term venture but rather one with long-term rewards.

As for sellers, she sees that homes for sale are not marketed properly. Relying on MLS and FSBO are not enough to attract buyers.For those interested in working with her and willing to implement her ideas, she has a different view about what it would take to sell properties – beyond the usual strategy of reducing listing prices.